Cincinnati Public Schools Touts Successful Rollout of Vaccine Mandate

( Cincinnati, OH ) - The Cincinnati Board of Education is celebrating a successful rollout of their COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Interim CPS Superintendent Tianay Amat announced at Monday night's board meeting that 87% percent of staff members in the district have at least started the vaccination process. That includes 408 newly vaccinated employees as a result of the policy, which went into effect Oct. 8th.

"The CPS vaccine requirement policy is working. We can confidently say that our schools are safer than just about any in the region because of this policy," said CPS Board Member Mike Moroski. "We value our students’ education and this policy helps us to remain open so as to educate them in person. We are doing our part to help keep the community healthy and we are proud of that.”

Interim Superintendent Amat said, "CPS has proven once again that our district is an innovator and leader within the State of Ohio, demonstrating that it is possible to implement a policy that is fair to staff and in the best interest of our schools and community.”

Amat also said she is incredibly proud and grateful of all her staff members for helping to keep their students in classroom.

Teachers and staff who have not been fully vaccinated, have until Nov. 8th to show proof of their second dose. For the 12% of the district who have opted out of getting the shots, they will have to participate in weekly testing.

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