65 Lives Lost to Homicide so far in 2021 in Cincinnati

Homicides so far this year in the city of Cincinnati are down from last years record levels. To date, there have been 65 homicides compared to 75 at this time one year ago. Cincinnati Police Chief Elliot Issac says one of the reasons is because his officers have seized 1300 guns from criminals so far this year.

The Chief says now, judges in Hamilton County have to do their job of keeping those violent offenders in jail. Issac says he has been hearing too often from officers who arrest someone only to see them released back onto the streets where they are "quickly involved in re-offending".

The trends in the 2021 homicides have police alarmed because so many of those who have died or arrested are juveniles. Police also say nine of the victims were unintended targets. Investigators have a 68% closure rate on the 2021 homicides.

Overall, violent crime is up over 3% nationwide so far this year but in Cincinnati it is down over 11%. The biggest improvement came in the area of robberies, the total number of robberies reported in the city have been cut in half in the past five years.

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