Health Collaborative: ICU Beds at Cincinnati Hospitals are Full

( Cincinnati ) - There are more than 500 intensive care beds in the Cincinnati region's hospitals, and in a news release from the Health Collaborative late Friday afternoon, all of them are full. The group says about a third of those totally filled ICU beds are being occupied just by COVID-19 patients.

That's being described as close to the upper range of what hospital workers call critical operations. In other elements of the update for the region, the number of people in hospital and ICU beds remains on an upward trajectory, hitting levels not seen since January--before Covid vaccines were widely available.

The number of local people infected per hundred thousand continues to grow, 62 per day, up from 55 last week. The collaborative says the incidence of Covid is currently highest among those under 40-years-old.

To learn more about Cincinnati-area COVID-19 testing and vaccination, click here.

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