City of Cincinnati to Require COVID Vax or Regular Testing for Employees

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( Cincinnati ) - If you work for the city, you'll have to get a shot or regularly prove you're not infected with coronavirus.

In a memo dated September 1, Cincinnati City Manager Paula Boggs Muething outlines the city's COVID-19 employee vaccination policy. It says the administration "encourages employees to receive a COVID-19 vaccination but does not require it." Employees are encouraged to provide evidence of their vaccination status, and employees who fail to do that will be presumed to unvaccinated.

After September 21, employees who are unvaccinated or do not prove that they are will be required to produce a negative COVID test on a weekly basis. The test can be no more than 72 hours old.

The city is providing testing and vaccination opportunities:


  • 9-14: Police CIS Roll Call Room, 801 Linn St from 7:30am to 10am
  • 9-16: Greater Cincinnati Water Works Conference Room, 5651 Kellogg Ave from 7:30am to 10am
  • 9-21: Health Department Auditorium, 3101 Burnet Ave from 7:30am to 10am


In addition to clinics hosted by the Cincinnati Health Department, the City of Cincinnati will work with the Health Collaborative for weekly testing events. The city will also provide at-home testing kits to employees based on supply.

Unvaccinated employees who do not provide their vaccination status and who do not comply with the testing requirement or those who test positive for COVID will be placed on either paid or unpaid leave depending if they have time accrued.

The statement also says employees who get a first shot at a Cincinnati Health Department facility will get a $100 cash card. Full-time employees who are already vaccinated or who become fully vaccinated will get a $50 Healthy Lifestyles benefit within the $300 cap.

Vaccinated employees are still encouraged to wear facial coverings. Unvaccinated employees and those who do not submit their status are required to wear a mask indoors, in a vehicle with others, working with the public, and or when unable to socially distance.

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