Latest admission of guilt in murder of little boy

(Middletown, OH) - The man accused of helping to dispose of the body of his girlfriend's dead son, has pleaded guilty to charges in the case. James Hamilton appeared in court Tuesday and admitted to charges of kidnapping, gross abuse of a corpse and child endangering.

Brittany Gosney, 29, recently pleaded guilty to the murder of 6 year-old James Hutchinson. She is facing life in prison and scheduled to be sentenced on Sept. 13. Investigators say Gosney intended to abandon her three children at a Preble County park back in February. James attempted to get back into their car and was dragged as Gosney tried to drive off.

It was when Gosney went back to the park, that she told police she discovered her son was dead. It was the next day that Gosney and Hamilton say they dumped the boy's body into the Ohio River near Lawrenceburg. His body has still not been recovered.

Gosney says it was Hamilton who was pressuring her to get rid of her children. He is scheduled to be sentenced in October.

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