COVID-19 cases keep rising in Hamilton County

(Cincinnati, OH) - Hamilton County's Health Commissioner says the county is seeing an average of about 200 new cases of COVID-19 every day, an increase of about 50 new cases in the past week.

Commissioner Greg Kesterman tells Newsradio 700 WLW that "we're kind of in unchartered territory." Kesterman says they are seeing another spike in COVID-19 cases and there's no leveling off at this point. All of the metrics continue to grow at a rate that does not look good, according to Kesterman.

Hamilton County currently has more than 4,500 active cases of COVID-19, Kesterman says, and that's about three times the number of active cases only a month and a half ago.

Kesterman is urging people to get vaccinated. For those who are already vaccinated, the Health Commissioner says wear a mask in public locations, wash hands and stay home if feeling sick.

"Don't go out and spread whatever you might have."


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