Big delays expected at the Brent Spence Bridge this weekend

(Covington, KY) - Big traffic delays are expected this weekend at the busy Brent Spence Bridge, the span that carries local and out-of-town traffic from Interstates 75 and 71.

The old bridge linking Cincinnati and Covington is being repainted as part of routine maintenance. The state of Kentucky says the project is more than 70% complete and is expected to be finished by November 15, 2021.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet today announced that there will be a significant travel pattern changes put in place on I-75 northbound beginning Friday night, assuming the weather cooperates.

-Beginning at 10:00 Friday night, travel on I-75 northbound will be reduced to one lane. Also at 10 pm, access to I-75 northbound from the Brent Spence Bridge will be closed until sometime Saturday morning. Once crews finish their work on the western side of the Brent Spence Bridge, they will reopen access to I-75 northbound.

-Access to I-71 northbound will then be closed but reopened by noon on Saturday.

There will also be rolling roadblocks on I-75 northbound on the Northern Kentucky side of the bridge from 10:00 Friday night until 4:00 Saturday morning. Police will stop traffic in 15-minute intervals to help crews working on the bridge.

By noon Saturday, the two left, westernmost lanes on the northbound side of the bridge will be open and access to both I-75 and I-71 will be restored.

-Beginning at 10:00 Saturday night, travel on I-75 northbound will again be reduced to one lane. Access to I-75 and I-71 will remain open. By 6:00 Sunday morning, the two left lanes on the northbound deck will be open.

No changes are planned for the southbound travel lanes. The two right westernmost lanes of travel on I-75 southbound are open and the two left easternmost lanes of travel are closed.


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