Butler County Mom Admits to Murder of Son

She initially entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity but after a court ordered mental evaluation found her competent to stand trial that plea was withdrawn. Now, 29 year old Brittany Gosney is pleading guilty to the murder of her 6 year old son.

Gosney also pleaded guilty to two counts of child endangering and all of the other charges against the Butler County mom were dropped.

The body of James Hutchinson of Middletown has never been recovered after he was struck and killed by Gosney's van as she tried to abandon the child in a wild life preserve in Preble County. She told police he was trying to get back in the minivan as she was driving off and he was hit.

Gosney says she and her boyfriend later dumped the boy's body in the river near Lawrenceburg. She claims she had been pressured by the boyfriend to get rid of her children.

She will be sentenced next month

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