Avoid the water in the Great Miami River in Fairfield

A wastewater treatment system at Fairfield's Sewer Plant has apparently malfunctioned.

The Fairfield Public Utilities Department says the public should avoid any contact with water in the Great Miami River from Joyce Park to State Route 27 until further notice.

The city says elevated levels of dangerous bacteria, including E. Coli, could be present in the water.

This advisory is in effect for those who swim, fish, wade and kayak in the Great Miami River, and their pets.

To prevent illnesses from recreational water exposure during the advisory:

Avoid the affected water-bodies from Joyce Park to SR 27

If contact with water is made, promptly wash skin with soap and water

If you experience adverse health effects after coming into contact with the river or associated water-bodies, seek medical care and notify your medical provider.

This advisory will be ended once all of the City of Fairfield's sewer treatment systems are repaired and restored.

Avoid the water in this area. No swimming, kayaking, wading, etc.

Map provided of the area to avoid on the Great Miami River, due to a sewer treatment plant malfunction.

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