5 Ohio Cities Among The Best For Hipsters

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Calling all hipsters!

The rankings are in, and they reveal the most hipster-friendly cities across the U.S.

The list comes from LawnStarter, which compared “the 150 biggest U.S. cities based on 23 anti-mainstream factors — from access to thrift stores, farmers markets, and record stores to urban gardening- and biking-friendliness.”

What exactly defines a “hipster,” you might ask? Oxford Languages says a hipster is “a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.” You may also be picturing “vintage apparel, vinyl records, banjos, and beards,” as LawnStarter describes in its report on the 2021 Best Cities for Hipsters.

So, where are the best places for “hipsters” in the U.S.?

Five Ohio cities ranked on the list.

These are the most hipster-friendly cities in Ohio, and how they stack up among the rest of the cities in the ranking:

  • No. 30: Cincinnati
  • No. 82: Akron
  • No. 86: Cleveland
  • No. 110: Columbus
  • No. 136: Toledo

These are the Top 10:

  1. San Francisco, CA
  2. Portland, OR
  3. Oakland, CA
  4. Fort Lauderdale, FL
  5. Jersey City, NJ
  6. Tempe, AZ
  7. Huntington Beach, CA
  8. Honolulu, HI
  9. Providence, RI
  10. New Orleans, LA

See the rest of the list and more info from LawnStarter here.

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