Bengals: Rule The Jungle with a Full PBS

Photo: Getty Images

( Cincinnati, OH ) - The Cincinnati Bengals are setting the tone for the 2021 season. The organization launched their new campaign Monday: Rule The Jungle. It includes plans to bring Paul Brown Stadium back up to full fan capacity.

In a release, Director of Strategy & Engagement Elizabeth Blackburn says that Rule The Jungle signifies the high standards and energy the organization expects to see on the field and in the stands this season. "Beyond trying to build a championship team, we want to build an empire of Bengals fans that make the gameday atmosphere at Paul Brown Stadium a renowned destination that the national media and critics will need to respect," Blackburn said in a statement.

After five consecutive losing seasons, The Bengals organization is adopting a mentality of confidence and strength.

"Rule The Jungle is the feeling of exuberance each fan will feel on gameday, like a queen or king sitting on a throne, as we celebrate together in a stadium that is back to full capacity," said Blackburn. "You'll also notice added intensity in our player introductions and completely new graphics and content on the videoboards. Additionally, we created the Stripes Squad, a group of 17 enthusiastic individuals who will serve as an interactive hype team."

The Bengals open up Training Camp on July 27th. The 2021 season will kick-off Sunday September 12th, against the Vikings at Paul Brown Stadium.

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