Ohio Supreme Court Rejects Effort to Arm Teachers

The Ohio Supreme Court says the decision by the Madison Local School District Board of Education to arm teachers and staff members, goes against Ohio law.

The Justices ruling the only way that teachers can carry a weapon in the building is if they go thru an approved basic peace officer training program or have 20 years experience in law enforcement. The Supreme Court says going through the Butler County Sheriffs conceal carry class is not enough. The Board approved the policy after a school shooting at Madison Jr Sr High five years ago, where a teen with a gun fired several shots in the cafeteria wounding two students. The policy was challenged by concerned parents and Ohio's highest court is siding with the lower courts who ruled it goes against state law. The decision was 4 to 3.

Republican Chief Justice Maureen O'Conner joining with the three democrats on the court to support the decision. The three other Republicans on the Supreme Court of Ohio all dissented.


Ohio Supreme Court Decision Madison Local Schools

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