Smiling Horse Is Accidently The Star Of Indiana Couple's Maternity Photos

An Indiana couple will never forget their recent maternity photo shoot thanks to one very happy horse.

Amanda Eckstein and Phillip Werner hired Ohio-based photographer Kristen Zaffiro to get some shots of the couple on a ranch. She got plenty of photos of the smiling mom- and dad-to-be, but the photo shoot took a very silly turn once the horses got involved.

A horse named Buckshot sidled up to the couple and decided it was his time to shine.

“When we got to the time to do the horse pictures, they were not standing the way we had hoped they would. We finally got them turned around the correct way and I said, ‘At least you could smile.’ And he did. When I laughed, he smiled more," Zaffiro told FOX 8.

Buckshot couldn't stop cheesing over the dad's shoulder, which caused the couple to laugh even harder.

It's hard to tell who's having a better time, the expectant parents or their four-legged photobomber. Regardless, Buckshot earned a place in the parents' and the internet's heart because Zaffiro's photos have been shared more than 220,000 times!

Photo: Getty Images