The Grocery Store of the Future Has Arrived in the TriState

The future of grocery shopping has arrived in the Tristate.

Kroger is now filling home delivery orders at a new 55 million dollar fulfillment center in Monroe. Inside the 375 thousand foot warehouse, 1 thousand robots can package in 6 minutes orders that would take store workers 30 to 45 minutes to complete. The new warehouse is the first of 20 Kroger will be building across the country to handle home delivery of groceries. Kroger started construction before the pandemic hit but in that time has seen digital orders more than double. In addition to the thousand robots, the fulfillment center employs 400 people who will help package orders and deliver them to homes in a 90 mile radius. The new warehouse expects to fill about 5 thousand orders per day, generating 700 million dollars in sales per year.

Watch video of operations from inside the Monroe warehouse below.

Kroger warehouse

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