Ohio Simplifies COVID Restrictions

Ohio's Governor is changing the restrictions in place across the state because of Covid.

The new orders from the health department are a return to what Mike DeWine calls the basics. They are wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands and spending more time outside than inside.

The new health department guidelines lifts capacity limits at outdoor venues and clears the way for things like festivals and graduations. The consolidation of the orders eliminates 18 rules that had been in effect. There is still a 25% capacity cap on events held indoors. Masks are still required indoors in any location that is not a residence. Masks are also required for outdoor events where people cannot consistently maintain a distance of six feet.

Exceptions to the mask rule under these new orders:

  1. Anyone under ten
  2. Any individual alone in an enclosed space such as an office or in business where they are separated by at least six feet in all directions
  3. Anyone actively engaged in exercise in a gym or indoor facility as long as there is six feet separation
  4. Anyone participating in an athletic practice, scrimmage or competition
  5. Any individual serving in a public safety capacity.

Read the entire Directors Order below

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