Councilman Questions Safety after first weekend of DORA

(Cincinnati, OH) - Cincinnati City Councilman David Mann tells Newsradio 700 WLW's Scott Sloan that they should have waited a while longer before opening the "Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area" or DORA at The Banks.

He says The Banks is suddenly looking like Fort Lauderdale.

Big crowds have turned out at the Banks along with some less-than-perfect social distancing, which causes concern about spread of the Coronavirus.

Councilman Mann tells Sloan "in just a few more weeks most of us will be vaccinated and it'll be a lot safer."

In a motion announced Tuesday, Councilman Mann calls on the Health Commissioner and the City Manager to review whether DORA rules should be changed temporarily. He is calling on the city to investigate how well attendees at The Banks complied with basic COVID precautions this past weekend.

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