Hoxworth ends COVID-19 convalescent plasma donations

(Cincinnati, OH) - Hoxworth Blood Center announced Tuesday it has ended its COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma donation program.

Hospitalization rates for COVID-19 have dropped and there's no longer a big demand for COVID-19 convalescent plasma.

About a year ago Hoxworth started working with donors who recovered from COVID-19 infection. They donated plasma that is rich in antibodies. More than 2,500 donors have provided more than 5,500 units, according to Hoxworth.

“We are fortunate that the vaccinations are now in place and that the infection rate has dropped dramatically. Therefore, our needs have changed,” says Dr. David Oh, MD, Hoxworth's Chief Medical Officer. “We now need the Tri-State community to make a lifesaving platelet donation that will be used in the treatment of cancer patients. The donation process is very similar to the automated convalescent plasma procedure.”

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