Ohio On Verge of Major Milestone in Vaccination Program

Making progress in vaccinating people for COVID 19.

Ohio will reach a milestone today---as more people will have received at least their first shot of the vaccine, than the total number of COVID cases that have been reported since the pandemic hit. The total number of cases is at just over 900 thousand in the Buckeye state and that is how many vaccinations will have started by the end of the day.

So far the state has covered about half of the people over the age of 80. However, only 17% of the people from 70-79 have received shots. Next week, the state will make everyone 65 and over eligible for shots and then will pause making anyone else eligible til all of the elderly people who want to be vaccinated get their shots.

Governor Mike DeWine says the big issue remains getting more vaccine to increase the number of shots that they offer but he says they also have to do a better job of getting the shots to people in predominantly black neighborhoods. Right now, there is no where to get the vaccine in three of the top ten Zip codes for the highest percentage of black residents in Hamilton County.

You can check the progress Ohio is making in vaccinating people across the state by clicking here.

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