Search is on in NKY for Cemetery Vandals.

Elsmere Police are trying to find the vandals who damaged several graves at the Mary E. Smith Memorial Cemetery.

Tombstones were toppled and others were spray-painted with anarchist symbols. Mayor Marty Lenof says

“Regardless of whether this crime was perpetrated by a juvenile, anarchist, or racist, it has no place in the City of Elsmere. Our city has a long history as one of the most diverse communities in Northern Kentucky and this criminal act is not just an affront to people of color or those who have loved ones buried in this cemetery but to all people who live in our city.”

The cemetery founded in 1950 is one of the first African-American cemeteries in Northern Kentucky.

Police think the vandalism was done on or around December third.

Anyone with information is asked to call Elsmere Police at (859) 342-7344.

The Police Chief says

“Unfortunately, at this point, we have no witnesses to the vandalism and we have not found any video footage recording any evidence of the perpetrators approaching the cemetery or committing this crime."

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