P.G. Sittenfeld voluntarily steps away from Cincinnati City Council

( Cincinnati, OH ) - In a video released on social media Monday, P.G. Sittenfeld announced that he is voluntarily leaving Cincinnati City Council in order to focus on the legal battle ahead of him.

Sittenfeld was arrested by the FBI last month and brought up on bribery charges. According the the indictment, Sittenfeld is accused of accepting $40,000 for a PAC that he secretly controlled in exchange for favorable votes. He was also accused of suggesting he could sway the votes of other on City Council.

The 2021 mayoral candidate has vehemently denied the charges against him and is promising to return to his seat once he proves his innocence.

Sittenfeld is the third member of Cincinnati City Council to be federally indicted for bribery this year. Tamaya Dennard accepted a plea deal and was sentenced to 18 months in prison. Jeff Pastor was suspended from City Council last month with attorney Steve Goodin appointed by Probate Judge Ralph Winkler to be his temporary replacement. Winkler will be tasked with choosing Sittenfeld's replacement as well.

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