Two Bridges Now Shutdown Connecting Cincinnati and Covington

More than 24 hours after the fiery crash that shutdown the Brent Spence Bridge it remains closed and could be for an extended period of time.

The span that typically carries almost 200 thousand vehicles a day over the Ohio River on I-75 between Cincinnati and Covington is out of commission until inspectors can determine if it is safe to reopen. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear says the best case scenario is that the bridge will be closed for several days.

Cincinnati police are advising commercial traffic to use the 275 bypass to reconnect with I-75 in Erlanger or Tricounty which is about a 40 mile detour in both directions.

Yesterday, trucks started trying to use the historic Suspension Bridge in Covington to get back on the highway ignoring the weight limits and now it has been shutdown as well.

We received this update from Covington police last night:

Due to the inordinate amount of tractor trailer operators who are refusing to follow the weight limit on the suspension bridge, the John A Roebling Suspension Bridge will also be closed in both directions until further notice. The weight limit on the bridge is only 11 tons. The weight of even an empty semi or a tractor alone far exceeds this limit. At this time there is no known damage to the suspension bridge. It is being closed as a precaution to not only ensure the safety of the bridge but also those who are attempting to use it. As we discovered during last years BLINK event, too much weight on the bridge can cause significant damage. Covington Police will continue to work with our state partners in addressing the use of the suspension bridge and the traffic flow issues created by this morning’s crash. Again, we ask for your patience and understanding as these issues are addressed. 

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