UPDATE: Officer-Involved Shooting in Elmwood Place Leaves Suspect Dead

(Elmwood Place) - Elmwood Place Police Chief Eric Bartlett says one of his officers stopped a vehicle at Highland Avenue and Linden Street about 1:30pm Tuesday afternoon. A short time later there was gunfire between the driver and the officer. The officer was not injured, but the suspect died.

Chief Bartlett says the officer has been with Elmwood Place Police for about a year and a half---a very good officer, says Chief Bartlett, who never fired his weapon before. The chief says he can't remember the last officer-invovled shooting in Elmwood Place.

There is no body or cruiser cam video of the shooting.

UPDATE: The man who was killed in the exchange of gunfire has been identified by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office as 48 year-old Rodney Barnes.

Barnes had been listed as a missing person after he reportedly walked away from the University of Cincinnati Psychiatric Emergency Services.

Barnes was also wanted for aggravated robbery and having weapons while under disability.

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