Hundreds of Thousands have Already Cast Ballots in Hamilton County

Florida Voters Drop Off Absentee Ballots In Special Boxes Ahead Of Election

( Cincinnati ) - The Hamilton County Board of Elections director is giving a positive report about voters returning absentee ballots with two weeks before the election.

"Voters are doing a really good job at returning those ballots to us quickly," Sherry Poland told 700WLW's Scott Sloan. Poland says she wouldn't be surprised if this year sees record turnout. "In previous presidential elections, we have seen 75% turnout in Hamilton County, and all indications on the early vote numbers is that it may be higher than that. We could be looking at a 77%, 78% turnout."

Poland says they've hired additional staff and equipment because of such a high volume of vote by mail requests.

The Hamilton County Board of Elections, along with other BoE offices across Ohio, is open for in-person early voting from 8am to 6pm through Friday, October 23. Saturday, October 24, from 8am to 4pm, and Sunday, October 25, from 1pm to 5pm. There are then daytime options next week and next weekend as well. Monday, November 2, people can still vote from 8am to 2pm. That's in addition to being able to return your ballot in the secured drop box 24 hours a day.

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