Police: Michael Currin's Fatal Injuries Caused by Fall from Pickup Truck

The Dayton Police Department, in cooperation with the University of Dayton Department of Public Safety provided an update on the investigation into the death of 2020 Moeller High School graduate and University of Dayton student Michael Currin.

Police say that after conducting interviews and gathering evidence, it's been established that Currin's injuries were caused when he fell out of a pickup truck.

They say Currin, 19, left campus on foot to pick up a pizza at an establishment on Wayne Avenue.

At some point along the way, Currin accepted a ride from the driver of a pickup truck, and sat in the bed.

About a mile into the ride, Currin fell out, making impact with the road, causing the fatal injuries.

The Montgomery County Coroner's Office determined his head injury was consistent with falling from a moving vehicle.

Police said that the investigation found the driver of the truck didn’t stop to report Currin’s fall or to help him.

Instead, a female driver pulled up moments later, stopped to help and called 911.

Dayton police said that detectives have identified the occupants of the pickup truck and interviews are ongoing.

They also added they have obtained a warrant to search the vehicle.

The investigation remains open, but police said when it was complete they would meet with prosecutors for potential charges.

Dayton Police and UD Public Safety personnel met with Currin's family Wednesday to share the update on the investigation.

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