Covid-Infected Miami Students Cited for House Party

(Oxford, OH) - Oxford police have cited six people for violating a new city ordinance on mass gatherings following what police say was a house party over the weekend.

Five are Miami University students. The sixth person cited was visiting. They are the first to be cited under the new ordinance, according to Oxford Police.

Lt. Lara Fening tells Newsradio 700 WLW that the five Miami students were under quarantine at the time of the party and the sixth person who was visiting from out of town had completed a quarantine. Lt. Fening says there were about a half dozen people on the front porch plus approximately 20 more people inside the house.

"There were people over there who may not have known that those residents were positive (for COVID-19)," said Lt. Laura Fening with Oxford Police. "Now we don't know who they are because they left."

The penalty for violating Oxford's mass gatherings ordinance is a minimum $500 fine for the first offense.

"The egregious part of this is that they had COVID and they hosted a party," said Lt. Fening.

"They all had beers in their hands. We have body cam footage of it. It was a party," according to Lt. Fening.

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