Tinder Hookup Breaks Bad

(Covington, KY) - Police say that an encounter through the dating app Tinder led to a shooting Monday night at 2419 Bell Court, injuring two suspects.

The alleged shooter is identified as Peyton Browning of Covington, who says he met a female who was later confirmed as Sierra Wayman, also of Covington. According to police, Browning says Wayman invited him over and shortly after he arrived, two other individuals knocked at the door. Browning says Wayman let them in and they proceeded to assault Browning. Police say that Browning produced a handgun and fired at both individuals as he left the residence. Police say Browning then called 911.

Covington Police say Wayman admitted that she had invited the two individuals into her residence in an attempt to extort money from Browning. Wayman is charged with robbery and police say further charges are expected.

Sierra Wayman (courtesy Covington, KY police)

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