Calls for a Cease Fire in Cincinnati

After an explosion of gun violence over the weekend in Cincinnati, the group Neighborhoods United Cincinnati is calling for a cease fire. The organization is promoting a rally at Grant Park in Over the Rhine Tuesday at 6pm to address the issue. Organizers say they are working with local churches, police, fire and other community leaders to promote a city-wide cease fire.

There were more than 20 people shot in separate incidents across the city of Cincinnati over the weekend including 4 homicides. These shootings come after police already said that homicides so far this year are on pace to hit their highest level in Cincinnati history.

Cincinnati's Police Chief says the level of gun violence is unacceptable. Elliot Isaac is calling on citizens to say enough is enough. Mayor John Cranley says guns are far too prevalent in the city. He says part of the problem is related to the pandemic, with bars closing early, there are more and more people gathering in parks and private homes.

Facebook Event promoting Cease Fire Cincinnati

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