Vice Mayor hopeful deal with Hamilton County over Banks will be worked out

( Cincinnati, OH ) - Work has come to a halt on a new park on Cincinnati's riverfront. The city has pulled all the permits for the project as part of the dispute with Hamilton County over construction of the new music venue at the Banks. Work continues on the venue itself which is currently being built near Paul Brown Stadium.

As for the nearby park, Vice Mayor Chris Smitherman says the county has not lived up to the original deal to make the project a reality and pulling the permits was all about sending a message to Hamilton County Commissioners.

Smitherman told 700 WLW's Scott Sloan, "Calmer heads are going to prevail. But at the end of the day it's still isn't going to resolve... will the Banks Project as it relates to lot 1 and lot 13, which is our land, will the County convey that to the city as they agreed to eight months ago?"

The deal was brokered by Mayor John Cranley and late County Commissioner Todd Portune and agreed in principle, but it has not been made official.

Smitherman says the original deal was for the county and city to split up the final parcels of land that have not been developed to try and finally complete the 3 billion dollar Banks Project.

A special joint meeting of City Council's Budget and Finance Committee and Hamilton County Commissioners Wednesday at 1pm.

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