New Tool for Lung Cancer Diagnosis

(Dayton, OH) - Robotic bronchoscopy is now in use at Premier Health’s Miami Valley Hospital.

The Monarch Platform enables pulmonary specialists to navigate and search the delicate, distant branches of the lung and obtain tissue samples from hard-to-reach nodules for biopsy. The goal is earlier diagnosis and treatment for lung cancer.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide, in part because it has no symptoms in its early stages. As lung cancer screening increases, the nodules found tend to be smaller and harder to reach, making early-stage diagnosis – and therefore treatment – difficult.

“Because the Monarch Platform provides improved reach, vision, and control for viewing the inside of the airways, it holds potential to help us make a diagnosis earlier,” said Soumitra Sen, MD, critical care and pulmonary disease specialist at Pulmonary & Critical Care Consultants, Inc. “We’re excited about this technology’s promise to offer a more hopeful future for our patients with lung cancer.”

Miami Valley Hospital is the first in Ohio to use the Monarch Platform, which integrates the latest advancements in robotics, software, data science, and endoscopy (the use of small cameras and tools to enter the body through its natural openings). Funds for its purchase were raised by the Miami Valley Hospital Foundation.


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