HHS Secretary: Cincinnati Bars Should Close

( Cincinnati ) - The Secretary of Health and Human Services is in Cincinnati on Tuesday, surveying one of the hot spots in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Alex Azar tells our own Scott Sloan that Cincinnati has about a 6% positivity rate right now. That means we are at the level alert where it's recommend that all area bars shut back down and restaurants limit to 50% capacity.

"We're making recommendations, and it's for the governor and local authorities to determine if they think those recommendations fit the circumstances on the ground," Azar said. He also says closing bars back down will allow other businesses to stay open. Azar is encouraging everyone to wear a mask while in public.

His comments come after the Center for Public Integrity obtained and posted a report from the White House showing 18 states that are considered to be in a "red zone" for spread of coronavirus. Ohio's considered to be in the "yellow zone," and response to that includes not going to bars.

You can read the detailed findings on Ohio below:

In a news briefing on Monday, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said his office has also been given guidance from the White House to shut down bars, but his announcements only included a travel advisory and a reduction in the maximum number of people at social gatherings from 50 down to 10.

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