VIDEO: Jail Deputy Charged with Misdemeanor Assault

*WARNING: The above video depicts violent content.*

( Cincinnati ) - A deputy in the Hamliton County Justice Center is under indictment for allegedly kicking an inmate in the head.

Hamilton County Sheriff Sgt Jesse Franklin is charged with misdemeanor assault for an incident on June 9. A statement from the prosecutor says Franklin was helping to process Nick Ballachino into the jail when Ballachino became combative. As officers were trying to subdue him, Ballachino allegedly bit the left foot boot of Sgt Franklin, and then Sgt Franklin kicked Ballachino in the head with his right foot boot.

Ballachino got five stitches above his eye, and the prosecutor says if his injuries would've been more serious, Sgt Franklin would be facing a felony charge.

Sgt Franklin faces up to six months in jail if convicted.

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil released the above statement, saying Sgt Franklin has been suspended without pay and is being disciplined.

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