Mayor: It is dangerous to violate the curfew

( Cincinnati ) - As a crowd gathered outside of the Hamilton County Justice Center was chanting for officers to kneel with them, Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley was holding a news conference Monday afternoon to speak about the city's ongoing response to daytime protests that have turned to nighttime vandalism and looting.

"You have every right to protest peacefully, and we will continue to do our best, professionally and sensitively to facilitate that right," the the mayor said. He went on to say that when businesses are looted and when officers are shot, the city has a right to institute a curfew. Mayor Cranley announced that Monday night's curfew will start an hour earlier than before, 8:00 PM. He says that will give officers more time during the daylight to deal with issues. The mayor called it "dangerous" to violate the curfew for a variety of reasons including coronavirus, and he says the city could extend plans for the curfew beyond when it's scheduled to end early Tuesday morning.

Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Seelbach with that above tweet as Mayor Cranley was speaking. There's been no indication that evacuation is for any reason other than caution.

Chief Eliot Isaac says 307 people were arrested Sunday night.

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