A Cincinnati Police Officer Shot During a Second Night of Rioting.

A Cincinnati Police Officer is going to be OK and tells his colleagues he will be back on duty tonight enforcing the curfew ordered to keep the streets of the city. The officer was working with others in riot gear when police came under fire in Clifton Heights. Police were trying to disperse a crowd on McMillan at Ohio Avenue when several shots erupted. Cincinnati Vice Mayor Chris Smitherman tells FOX19 that "it was only by the grace of God that the officer got to go home to his family." The suspect who fired the shots has not been located.

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The second night of rioting came in spite of a curfew that was ordered for neighborhoods around downtown Cincinnati. The most significant trouble came near the University of Cincinnati where the gunshots rang out while a police line was working to push the crowd of demonstrators back. Officers do not know where the shots came from. The shots followed bottles being thrown at police and fires being set in the street in Clifton Heights. Several businesses along McMillan had windows busted out.

Police made over 30 arrests during the rioting in Clifton Heights. The Cincinnati Police Officer who was shot tells his fellow officers that he will be back on duty tonight, by their sides keeping the city safe. This is the second time that a CPD officer was shot during rioting in the city. In 2001, riots followed the shooting of Timothy Thomas in Over the Rhine and during one of those demonstrations Officer Andrew Nogueira was hit by a bullet. He was spared serious injury as well when the bullet deflected off his belt buckle.

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