Cleaning Up After Protests Give Way To Damage, Looting

( Cincinnati ) - City leaders say hours of peaceful protesting eventually gave way to property damage and some looting early Saturday morning.

"Shortly after 11pm, part of the crowd disbanded, others members joined. When we started to see violent and destructive behavior, vandalism and criminal damaging and looting take place throughout the Over-the-Rhine and Downtown area," said Police Chief Eliot Isaac during a news conference late Saturday morning.

Mayor John Cranley says the people who acted criminally were not part of the protests. Chief Isaac also said city intelligence indicates that others from outside of Cincinnati came in prior to the upswing in property damage.

About 50 businesses suffered some damage, mostly broken windows. The Hamilton County Justice Center was also damaged. Some businesses like Pitaya on Vine Street (pictured) were robbed.

In an attempt to prevent future violence on Saturday night, Mayor Cranley has announced that a curfew in Downtown, Over-the-Rhine, the Banks, and the West End will be in effect at 10pm.

Mayor Cranley stressing that Cincinnati is open for business until 10pm, but there's a need to make sure as few people are in the area as possible, to help with any needed police response.

Eleven people have been arrested so far, and more arrests are likely from the overnight criminal activity.

Protesters are angry over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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