Inspectors to Check Cincinnati Businesses for Compliance

Cincinnati's Health Department Director says they want to see businesses reopen but it has to be done safely. Melba Moore telling Council, " we know people have to eat and they have to work and they have to pay their bills so reopening those businesses gives us a clear opportunity to work with them in a collaborative partnership." The city will be sending inspectors into stores and restaurants to make sure Social Distancing rules are being followed.

Antonio Young is director of the cities environmental health department, he says fines can go from $75 up to $500 depending upon the severity. An example of a minor violation would be a worker not wearing a mask. Young says a more serious violation would be allowing a large group of people to gather in a closed space like a bar.

Council is expected to approve the policy at its meeting later this afternoon. The sign shown below must be displayed in all businesses as proof that the operators understand the guidelines.