Fighter Jets to Flyover the TriState and Thank Healthcare Workers

The 180th Fighter Wing is joining #OperationAmericanResolve!

The Ohio Air National Guard is conducting a series of flybys to salute the heroes at the forefront in the fight against COVID-19. On Thursday, they bring their tribute to the TriState. About 1030, the Stinger Airmen are expected to begin their flyby by passing over the campus of Mercy Anderson. From there, they head west and pass over the hospitals in Northern Kentucky. The next pass will be about 10:35 over pill hill. From Clifton, the fighter jets head west to Green Township and flyby the Childrens Hospital site on Harrison Avenue. Then, a turn back east where they will pass by Mercy Jewish and Bethesda North. The fighter jets will wrap up the Cincinnati visit about 10-45 going over Mercy Fairfield, Fort Hamilton Hospital and finally the U-C West Chester facility.

You can the entire route and times on the graphic below.

Flyover Route Cincinnati

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