Ohio's Stay Home Order Extended for Four More Weeks

Ohio's stay home order will not be lifted anytime soon.

Even though Governor Mike DeWine has started the process of slowly opening things back up, Dr Amy Acton, the state health department director has signed an order keeping the stay home in effect through at least thru May 29th. The order issued late last night says to avoid an imminent threat with a widespread exposure to Covid 19, all persons are to continue to stay home.

The governor is expected to have more to say about his new order at today's briefing which you will hear live at 2 here on Newsradio 700 WLW.

The Health Department Director has increasingly come under fire from those frustrated that the state is not opening up sooner. Many of her critics are now asking why Dr Acton was hired in the first place by a Republican Governor, since she was an activist who campaigned for former President Barack Obama.

When our Bill Cunningham discussed stories about Acton's support for abortion yesterday, he got a call from the Governor himself, anxious to defend her and defend his pro-life position. DeWine says the attacks on Acton are unfair and he is very proud of how she has helped the state deal with the pandemic.

Listen to the entire interview by clicking here.

You can read the entire stay home order,below.

Ohio Stay Home Order

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