DeWine: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail set for Staggered Ohio Reopening

( Columbus, Ohio ) - Governor Mike DeWine says his heart aches for the business men and women seeing their savings drop, the high unemployment rate, and the overall tragedy of coronavirus in Ohio. In his Monday update, he announced that on May 1, healthcare will start to open back up. All health procedures that do not require an overnight stay will be allowed.

On May 4, manufacturing, distribution, and general offices can reopen.

On May 12, retail can resume business.

For all these dates, and in all these business sectors, the governor is stressing that safe practices must be observed. Workers and customers must be at least six feet apart or separated by barriers. There's a still a strong encouragement and in some cases a requirement for masks.

Governor DeWine says the stay-at-home order will still be in place, but it'll be modified. No update yet on restaurants, bars, or salons. The governor says bans on gatherings remain in place, and he's reminding people with high-risk conditions like lung disease and obesity to keep being careful.

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