Number of new Covid-19 cases trending up but other key indicators are not

While the number of new cases in Ohio and Kentucky have posted the biggest single day increase over the weekend there are other signs that the COVID-19 pandemic is easing across the TriState. The number of new cases in Ohio has tripled in the past 5 days but during that same period other key indicators show improvement.

The number of people dying from the virus is trending lower, the number of people requiring hospitalization is dropping and the number of people being admitted to intensive care has fallen dramatically. You can see the graphs of the five day trends below. The numbers show that area hospitals are not being overwhelmed with cases and lend support to the argument that parts of the state can begin to reopen on May 1st.

Indiana's stay home order is set to expire tonight but all indications are that the Governor will announce today he is extending it thru May first.