Park Board Moving Ahead with Plans for $6 Million Riverfront Park

Given the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic, Cincinnati Park Board Member Kevin Flynn argued that this is no time to be spending $6.6 million on a new park on the Riverfront. Only about half of the money needed for construction of the park adjacent to the new music venue at the Banks has been lined up and Flynn fears the park board could be stuck with paying for the rest. However, Brad Lindner, chairman of the park board said the Cincinnati Park Foundation is promising to help cover any gap so he voted yes to move forward along with the three other board members. Lindner said he hopes to get back to normal soon and believes it is "important to keep things going."

The Icon Music Center is supposed to open this fall even though there may be no concerts to host. The Governor of Ohio has said large gatherings of that type could be a year and a half away til a vaccine for COVID-19 is widely available.