Life in Ohio post pandemic will look nothing like what it did before.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says life in the buckeye state when his #STAYHOME order is lifted will look nothing like it did before. On the Kidd Chris show on WEBN this morning, the Governor said opening the state back up will be a gradual thing with some of the restrictions remaining. "The new normal is going to be different from the old normal, you will see people wearing masks at work, in factories and at restaurants." The governor went on to say you "will not be seeing a major event with a large number of people in the immediate future."

Under the Governor's reopening plan, hospitals and physicians offices would be first to resume operations --- followed by non essential businesses closed by the pandemic. The days of street festivals, concerts and major sporting events may not return for a year or a year and a half until there is a vaccine or until enough people have had COVID 19 that we have developed herd immunity.

Governor DeWine says the good news is that the number of new cases being reported every day has leveled off and he says hospitals are in excellent shape to be able to care for those who become seriously ill.

To listen to the entire interview click here.

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