Barriers Protect Bus Drivers and Riders

Metro's maintenance team assembling plexi-glass shields that they designed, created and installed on nearly 200 buses.

(Cincinnati, OH) – Metro bus riders will now see plexi-glass barriers installed on all Metro buses between the Operator’s area and the farebox as an added safety measure to help protect against the spread of the coronavirus on-board.

With the installation of the barrier, the yellow six-foot divider previously used on the buses have been removed, opening up more seating space for passengers to practice social distancing.

“The plexi-glass dividers were designed, built and installed in-house by our outstanding maintenance team in less than a week on nearly 200 buses. We’re now getting calls from other transit systems inquiring about our design,” said Darryl Haley, Metro’s CEO and General Manager.

Customers are asked to pay their fare using Transit app with EZfare on their smartphones for contactless fare payment and to exit the bus using the rear door.

Customers are highly encouraged to wear non-surgical masks or other facial coverings over their mouth and nose while riding.


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