TriState Not Doing as Well Following Social Distancing Guidelines

When we first checked out this report ten days ago, the TriState graded out very well. Unacast looked at google phone data and traffic volume to see where people were doing the best job of following stay home orders and Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana were given high marks. The latest scorecard is not as kind.

All three states now get a grade of D or in Kentucky's case a D minus. The report card shows that compliance was best on March 24th and 25th and since then the report shows activity picking back up to near normal levels from before the pandemic hit. Across the country, the US gets an overall grade of C minus which means the TriState is below the nationwide average.

The Social Distancing Scorecard breaks each state down by county. Campbell and Dearborn Counties were the only counties to earn a B in the latest report. Preble, Clinton and Highland Counties were all given failing grades.

To access the full report click here.

You can see the breakdown for each state in our area below.

Ohio Social Distancing Scorecard
Kentucky Social Distancing Scorecard

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