International Recognition for the Governor Ohio

The BBC headline declares him the U-S governor who saw it coming early. International praise is being heaped on Ohio Governor Mike DeWine for his leadership during this coronavirus outbreak.

The story says at a time when other states scrambled to get ahead of the spread, DeWine ordered sweeping measures days before the first case had even been reported in his state. The British Broadcasting Corporation says his boldest move was shutting down an international body building festival in Columbus at a time when critics were calling those types of actions, overblown

The BBC also praises his calm approach at his daily briefings, going into great detail about what is being done by the state to try and slow the spread. You can hear those briefings every day at 2pm here on Newsradio 700WLW.

In addition to praising the governor, the article singles out health department director Dr Amy Acton for her work on the pandemic. She was the last cabinet member to be hired by DeWine and the first doctor to hold the position in several years. Under former Governor John Kasich, the position was held by a healthcare lawyer and hospital marketing director.

To read the entire article click here.

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