Mayor Cranley: 1700 Cincinnati Workers being Furloughed

( Cincinnati ) - In an emotional news conference on Monday, Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley announced the furlough of 1,700 city workers. It was a move the mayor hinted at being necessary back on Friday, and Mayor Cranley choked back tears as he read the letter sent to the employees. It comes as the city works to deal with a major decrease in tax revenue because of Ohio's Stay-At-Home order to fight the spread of COVID-19.

"The number of people being placed on temporary emergency leave is staggering, and it is understandable to be scared by it. This decision has nothing to do with your performance," Mayor Cranley read from that letter to workers.

The mayor says no Cincinnati police officers or firefighters are a part of this temporary furlough.

Mayor Cranley also announced a temporary suspension of ridership for the Cincinnati Bell Connector, Red Bike, and scooter rentals.

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