Ohioans ordered to #StayHome, sheltering-in-place to stop COVID-19 spread

Governor Mike DeWine announced a "stay at home" order for all Ohioans, or more commonly known as "shelter-in-place" on Sunday afternoon, March 22.

Dewine says Dr. Amy Acton signed the health order that allows only essential businesses to stay open. Health officials and law enforcement will be enforcing the new order.

The stay home order will be in effect from 11:59 p.m. Monday until April 6, 2020. Dewine said his team will reassess the situation and determine if it needs to be renewed.

Dewine says "There is nothing in the order that we haven't already been talking about. There is nothing in this that I haven't been asking you to do for the last few weeks."

The order now makes these recommendations enforceable.


Here's what it means for all Ohioans.

1) Ohioans should all stay at home.

2) Nonessential workers should work from home.

3) Exceptions include: Leaving home for health and safety reasons, for obtaining necessary supplies and services, for outdoor activity, although playgrounds will be closed.

4) Leaving home to care for others is permitted, including family, friends and neighbors.

5) Ohio businesses that are deemed essential for us to live include gas stations, grocery stores, hospitals.

6) Any business that is permitted to stay open must follow good health protocol, including keeping workers six feet apart.

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#StayHome order issued by Ohio Health Department

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