What About the Opening Day Parade in Cincinnati?

This is supposed to be the 101st Opening Day parade in Cincinnati but organizers say they have not made any decision yet on whether to cancel. Debbie Gannaway with Findlay Market says they are "waiting to see what happens".

Ohio's Governor has called proceeding with events like this is a "recipe for disaster" but Gannaway says with no confirmed cases in southern Ohio they are not too worried yet. She tells Newsradio 700WLW's Scott Sloan that the "game changer or parade changer would be if we get a confirmed case in the Cincinnati area." Gannaway says then they would have to "strongly reevaluate" and it could bring the Tristate tradition to "a halt".

Her hope is if the Reds play ball then there will be a parade. In the meantime, they continue to consult with the city and the Reds over how to proceed.

Listen to the entire interview from the Sloan show by clicking here.

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