New Brand for Hamilton County Job and Family Services

(Cincinnati, OH) - Hamilton County Job and Family Services has launched its new brand. The agency says it is focusing its messaging on the heart of what it does: supporting families and changing lives. The new brand is simply "JFS".

JFS has been serving Hamilton County families and children for nearly 75 years. The agency says it protects children and the elderly, helps families with food, medical or child-care assistance, ensures children receive child support and helps the unemployed find jobs.

“Our agency has literally changed lives,” said JFS Director Moira Weir. “We don’t want those moments to get lost in the red tape of government. Our brand is not municipal; our brand is about supporting families and changing lives."

It used to be known by such names as Hamilton County Welfare Department and Hamilton County Department of Human Services, but has been known as Job and Family Services for the past 20 years. The agency says it worked with The Katalyst Group and found that most know it as simply “JFS.”

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