No Decisions on Lawsuit to remove Dennard from City Council

( Cincinnati, OH ) - Hamilton County Probate Judge Ralph Winkler says the effort to remove Tamaya Dennard from Cincinnati City Council will work in much the same manner as the Impeachment trial of President Trump.

Dennard was charged this week with federal crimes related to her allegedly selling votes on City business for thousands of dollars. A lawsuit was subsequently filed by five voters in an effort to have her removed from office since there's no provision in the Cincinnati Charter forcing her to step down.

Winkler's role in the case will be to act as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court did during the Impeachment trial in the US Senate, and the City of Cincinnati has the responsibility of acting as prosecutor. That could present a conflict for the solicitor's office since it has represented Dennard in the past.

No decisions were made on the lawsuit after a hearing in probate court on Friday. Instead, Judge Winkler scheduled another hearing on March 9th.

The whole case could be made moot if Dennard resigns, but it now appears that is not going to happen. Local 12 is reporting that Dennard's attorney says that the Councilwoman has decided to fight the push to remove her from office.

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