Indicted Cincinnati Councilwoman Went to Other Developers for Cash

Despite calls for her resignation, .Cincinnati Councilwoman Tamaya Dennard says she has not decided yet if she will remain on council as she faces trial on Bribery and Extortion charges. Dennard who has not spoken publicly about the allegations that she sold her vote at city hall for support of the deal to put a new music venue at the banks, has taken to Facebook to thank those who are standing by her.

Dennard is also asking constituents to withhold judgement during "this incredibly dark and difficult time."

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Dennard solicited money from other developers in town in addition to the one named in the federal indictment. Text messages obtained by the newspaper show the other developers turned her down saying it would not be appropriate. In one case, the paper says text messages reveal that one of those developers told her that advancing her money would be perilous for her career and his business.

Records obtained by the paper also show that she went to fellow Council member Greg Landsman twice for personal loans. Landsman says he checked with city attorneys to make sure it was OK and he tells the Enquirer he tries to help anyone who comes his way saying "it is how he was raised."

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